About Zorbing

What is Zorbing?

BodyZorbs are large inflatable balls that you slide into, so they fit above your knees and over your head. You can then crash and bump into other BodyZorb players. BodyZorbing allows you to run, walk, jump, flip, back roll and bounce into other bodyzorbs. As your legs are outside the Zorb you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the BodyZorb over your head and arms through the harness and you can safely BodyZorb.

Why is Zorbing fun?

The thrills and spills of BodyZorbing is great fun for children and for adults alike. It is hugely entertaining for everyone, a great way to get active and is challenging physical fun. Plus it is a great game for parents to play with their children - so why not give it a go?

Why is Zorbing safe?

Our Zorbing balls are custom built by the industry best manufacturer, and are constructed with a polythene inner capsule suspended from thousands of nylon strings creating a safe comfort zone for your head-over-heels ride.

Adults can play

YES, Both children and adults can keep innovating and play newer games individually as well as in a group.

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